Thomas Stone

“…He operated in the hinterland between composed sound and free-form matter, again making the visual process an integral part of the performance…”

Martin Longley - All About Jazz Magazine

Thomas Stone is a composer, performer and AV artist from London.

Using contrabassoon and sampling devices as oscillators for his snare drum, his post-classical / post-techno soundscapes explore themes of memory, restraint and ritual.

Cyclic rhythms, bass tones and dissonances are the relatively ugly and dark means used to reach moments of austere, fragile beauty.

Live performance is a vital element of the music with the audience bearing witness to the physical and meditative act involved in blurring the boundaries between electronic and acoustic sound sources.

His compositions have been refined through presentation in various resonant spaces (from churches to a disused water tank, Cornish coastal caves to the hull of a ship) and the relationship between performer and audience explored further via large PA systems in club environments.

Thomas has performed throughout the UK including shows at Tate Britain, The Whitechapel Gallery, The Serpentine Gallery, Resonance FM and BBC Radio 3.

Winner of NonClassical Records battle of the bands 2015.

Solo Recordings:

Séance – live album – 2018

Bias EP - double 7″ vinyl - Champion Version 2018
FACTORS EP - 10” vinyl - Champion Version 2018

Transference EP - 10” vinyl - Champion Version 2016

Recorded Appearances:

ORE – Belatedly – Box Records - BoxRec026 2017

Necro Deathmort – Overland – Profound Lore Records – PFL190LP 2017

Petrels – Jörd - Denovali Records – den266 2016

Photography from Whitechapel Gallery 2018 Henri Kisielewski.

Photography from Blacking Out With… 2018 Nicolo Becciu

Photography from Outpost Gallery 2018 Julian Hand

Thomas Stone @Outpost Gallery.jpeg